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May 13 '12

How I became a mom.

Tomorrow is a special Mother’s Day. It is also my daughter’s 7th birthday :) My ex and I tried to get pregnant for about 6 years. Not that it matters, but it’s because of me. I have really bad endometriosis. I had a couple of surgeries and pain wise, I am now fine, but no babies for me. The ex I have to say was always wonderful about it. As he would say, he was not committed to having a biological child. He just wanted to be a dad. As a midwife, I REALLY wanted to go through the process. I wanted to see what my body could do. When we were a ridiculous amount in debt from multiple IVFs, IUIs, tons of hormones and insurance was all out, so we made a decision to adopt. Since I had been in women’s health and had worked NICU and nursery as a nurse and had been a nanny throughout college, I was ok with the idea of not having a newborn. The ex was fine with that idea as well. (he’s a good guy) We decided that there were so many kids in NYC that were in foster care that needed families we would go that route. We started the application process. Still very early in the process, an amazing thing happened.

I went to work on a Saturday morning and my friend said, “Your baby is in the NICU.” A beautiful little girl was brought in the night before by EMS and was going to foster care. I called the ex and he said, “bring me home that baby!” I spoke to Social Work and ACS on Monday, was in court in Wednesday, had a home visit on Thursday and brought my daughter on Friday. She was a Safe Haven baby, brought to a fire house and left there by a young girl. We found out the story later on from the fireman who was on duty. The fireman said that he was standing outside and there was a teenage girl who had a jacket in her arms and kept walking up and down the street. Next door there was a rectory and the girl kept walking up to the door and knocking on it, but no one was there. The fireman (who i am forever grateful to) asked the girl what was wrong and she showed him what was bundled up in the jacket. There was a little naked baby with the placenta still attached. The fireman brought my little peanut to my hospital and the birth mom to another hospital. It turns out that the pregnancy was concealed and she delivered by herself in her bathroom.

Peanut was our foster daughter for 2 1/2 years before she was officially adopted. The birth mom never came forward and I hope one day she will. I love her and am so grateful that she gave me the best present in the world.

Please don’t reblog this. I don’t share this often. It will be Peanut’s story to tell.

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