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Feb 18 '13

Where’s my prescription pad?

Lady in front of me clearly needs a ZPack and probably an albutrerol treatment. No stethoscope needed. She has an audibly productive cough which doesn’t cough to clear and I can HEAR wheezes when I am next to her. She has 2 kids with her and she says that she has had it for 2 weeks but, she’ll be fine.

NEXT STOP(said in train conductor voice)…..pneumonia.

I also hope she does not have the flu. I wish we had a rapid flu test here like in the hospital. I would stick those tiny qtips up the noses of the people surround me prior to deciding on a seat. In 10 minutes, we would be travel members or I’d give them tamiflu and send them to the next car.

  1. boxedwineoclock said: Lol you’re so cute. I don’t know as much as you and I diagnose too ;)
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