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I also like taking pictures....
Apr 2 '13


My parenting skills sucked.

I cannot deal with the backtalk. I end up losing it and she stares so nonchalantly like, “Whatever.”

I most have told her to zip it a million times. I had already taken away the iPad and put her in her room. I told her that she acts like she cares for no one but herself. I buy her something, I find it on the floor. I asked her how she would feel if I did that to her and she said, “Whatever, if I gave it to you, you can do what you want with it.”


Before falling asleep she crawled up on my lap and said sorry. I told her that whatever we are doing now is not working and we have to figure out some changes. She agreed. We are both going to make lists of ideas and go from there.

Then we read Harry Potter.

  1. superiorbushidoman said: It’ll work itself out, you seem pretty cool and she’ll get that you care. I think all they need are love, limits and consistency
  2. jubalrahl said: *hugs*
  3. sweetheatherbeee said: Also, or not. Do what you think is right and hugs, YPU ARE A GREAT MOTHER
  4. secretsecretboudoir said: we all have nights like that! oh we do.