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Apr 19 '13

What my sister posted about fostering. She never ceases to amaze me.

We have had our foster children for 8 months now. Its gone incredibley fast considering some NIGHTS felt 8 months long! I sit here with tears in my eyes. Tears for so many reasons. Their birth father missed his 7th visit in a row. No calls to explain. Just no shows. Seems like he has given up. My heart breaks for him ….and the kids- especially my Big Man. He really loves his father and has a connection with him. A connection he doesn’t have with his birth mom. Tears for their mother. She loves her kids so much but she in all honesty doesn’t have the skills or mental ability to properly care for them. Dan asked me one day…”who will help them with their sciene projects if they go back”.He’s right. She is very sweet and very appreciative ….and operates on what seems to be a 4th grade level. Tears because they have come SUCH A LONG WAY in this short amount of time. Words can not even describe how troubled my Big Man was. He would scream all t he time…a scream that could peel paint … he wouldn’t sleep…. night time was dreaded by everyone in the house. … all symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder that he would be diagnosed with 3 months into our care. And lets through in a severe case of asthma just for fun! Little Miss would follow her brothers lead… all just mimicking but non less, we had it in stereo. I truly thought we were in way over our head. Tears bc I went through their clothes tonight and they have just about outgrown them all. They were so little when we got them. They were both so malnourished…and termed failure to thrive. Dan put a pair of pants on Big Man today and they were high waters!!!! Littlw Miss is up 2 clothes sizes!! Tears of joy :) Because of the help of Spencer, Luke, Patrick, incredible family and friends, we now have little loves who seem yo be at peace. I am sitting in a quiet house… with eyes full of tears bc when it was bed time at 8 after baths, story time, rocking and songs, I put them both in their beds, kissed them good night, told them I loved them and went down stairs….no crying…. no screaming…. no fits….. no throwing things….just an ” I wuv you mommy” from both of them… I am waiting for Dan to come home from a gig…the house hasn’t been this quiet in 8 months. ………….deeep breath…………….. I think we actually might make it. ♥

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